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Gamma Correction of Scaffold: Gamma Value selection

Motivation behind Gamma Correction:

The visual inspection of cell-scaffold contacts is focused on assessing the overlap of detected contacts with the verified cell 3D segment and with the fiber scaffold (or spuncoat scaffold). However, the scaffold intensities are non-uniformly distributed across a set of fibers that form microfiber or medium microfiber scaffolds. Thus, fibers that are rendered with faint intensities and still intersecting a cell might be detected by an algorithm but not might not be clearly visible in a movie for visual assessment of correctness. This is also related to human visual perception and have been addressed in the past by gamma correction of images for visual consumption. One might find more information about gamma correction here.

Selection of Gamma:

We selected a couple of cell-scaffold examples for which the gamma coorection might be important in order to assign a quality label (excellent, acceptable, bad). Since the choice of gamma is subjective, we generated a series of movies with difference gamma values applied to the scaffold channel.
The visual inspection of gamma corrected scaffold zstacks with the detected contacts is accessible for

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