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Lytro Camera: Lateral Resolution Evaluations

More information about the lateral resolution evaluations can be found here.

Select Evaluation Configuration

Image Contrast [%] 10
Camera Zoom 280
Illumination Type ambient

Aceessible Measurements

After selecting the configuration inputs above, a user can explore interactively plots and tables with average lateral resolution in [lp/mm] and average minimum resolvable object size in [mm] using modulation transfer function (MTF) per target and per distance between a Lytro Illum camera and the reference object containing 9 circular targets inside of FOV. The average value is computed over 5 replicate acquisitions per configuration. Figure 1 shows the measurements accessibble via the web interactive interface.

Illustration of the retrieved results

The accessible information has been extracted from 1,800 light field images ~ 288 GB. Raw light field images were decoded using the software provided by the camera manufacturer (Lytro Power Tools Beta 1.0). One decoded 4D light field image has dimensions: 14 (S) x 14 (T ) x 541 (U) x 376 (V ) and 3 color values per pixel ~ 160 MB.

The number of images corresponds to the following variations:

Due to the highly reproducible results for variations including camera and experimental replicates, we report only the measurements for the remaining variables while averaging over 5 replicates per configuration. The image contrast [%] selection above corresponds to the MTF level and is visualized in the tooltip.


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