Colony Annotation View: User Interface and Formulas

Colony Annotation View Interface

Colony Annotation view is designed to browse the tags, and the values from prediction model as well.

User can specify the range of colony id and/or frame by entering values in the edit boxes (as shown in the Figure 1). Features can be selected by clicking on the "Display Features Selection" button on the left side. After clicking on "Submit" button, data table will display on the right side.

All colony level annotations can be downloaded by clicking on the "Annotation CSV" button. A downloaded subset of features is in CSV (comma separated value) format.

Colony Annotation View
Colony Annotation View

Features Terminology

  • Ho_HexR - Homogeneity ratio of a colony (measured based on hexagonal partitions)
  • He_HexR - idem for Heterogeneity
  • D_HexR - idem for Darkness
  • Ho_Conf - Confidence that the colony is Homogeneous​ (given by Machine Learning algorithm)
  • He_Conf - idem for Heterogeneous
  • D_Conf - idem for Dark